Mensa Photos - 2007 - 2008

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Photos by Greg Krumrey - Memorial Day, 2007 - Picnic at Creve Coeur Lake

Photos by Judy Shimkus - New Year's Eve, 2007

Photos by Judy Shimkus - Regional Gathering, 2008

Photos by Judy Shimkus - Holiday Party, December 6, 2008

The following is a collection of miscellaneous photos by Greg Krumery.  Most are from 2006, others from 2007.  I haven't labeled them because I can't identify the subjects and/or the event.  You know who you are!


 Holiday Party 2008 at Jackie's

Stan and Lisa

Steve, Jane and Mike

Carl and Jack

Carl, Lisa, Jack, Gary


Sharon and Mary



Steve, Mike, Jack

Steve, Angie, Mike

Greg and Rebekah


Angie, Greg, Rebekah